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Issues That Need Urgent HVAC Repair Service

Your HVAC system is an important and expensive asset to you and your family. Its main responsibility is to keep a perfect indoor air quality and make your home more comfortable and healthy living space. Therefore, when your air conditioner has any issues, finding a reliable HVAC repair service is a necessity. What are the most common signs?

  • Bad odors and strange sounds. If your AC unit starts to produce some weird noises or smells, it is time to call a specialist to come and do a quick inspection. Basically, such issues could be minor, but if you ignore them, they may lead to more serious and costly repairs, not to mention replacement of the whole system.

  • Yellow flames. Their presence is never normal, and this kind of problem must never be underestimated. The most common reason is dirt buildup in the burner. It should have a steady blue flame. Yellow or orange flames indicate for a clogged burner. This is an extremely dangerous issue which if overlooked, it may cause Carbon Monoxide poisoning or house damage.

  • Leaks. This is another very common issue. If your device has a low refrigerant level, it may leak. If you try to fix this problem by simply adding more refrigerant, this may not be the right solution. An experienced HVAC repair technician will check the quantity, repair any leaks, and test your unit. You should not forget that the efficiency and lifespan of your AC unit depends on the right quantity of refrigerant that must match the manufacturer’s specification.

  • AC won’t turn on at all. For this problem, you should check if the device is plugged in first. If it is, a trained HVAC repair technician will look for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Another possible problem could be a faulty thermostat.

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